Even For You

Five days without a post? It’s like I don’t even know myself anymore. I’d planned on making a proper one today but I either threw my neck out moving furniture yesterday or maybe I slept on it funny or some combination of the two. Whatever the reason I’m in, like, INTENSE CRIPPLING PAIN and I can’t sit here for very long so a real post will have to wait. Instead here is a story from last week.


On Wednesday before the fireworks I wanted to make something fast and easy for dinner, so I decided to go with grilled salmon and a couscous salad with peas and bumatoes.


The couscous turned out well but I didn’t really like the salmon- it was somehow flabby and less delicious than when I’ve baked it. Everyone else finished theirs though, so maybe it was just me. Anyway, Symphony was having issues with eating her couscous and somehow managed to scatter it all across the table, which led to the following conversation:

Sym: Couscous is messy!
Me: (joking) You’re messy!
Sym: (looks disappointed; shakes her head) That’s cold. Even for you.

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