The last thing I would ever want would for this blog to turn into one of those blogs where every six months there’s a post that says “Wow! It’s been so long since my last post! I’ve just been really busy with my life and I’ll definitely start posting again soon!” and then nothing for another six months. So. Back to real posting for me! I have a What I’ve Been Reading that needs to get up but first let’s recap the last week.

First of all, I want to thank everyone who gave their condolences for Tina Fey (the hamster, no the comedienne)’s passing. He will be missed. Yesterday morning we buried him in the box from a DIY nesting doll kit from Urban Outfitters, and Symphony made a gravestone by writing “RIP” on a piece of slate I found.

R.I.P Tina Fey

Now, you may recall me saying the reason I wasn’t posting was because I threw my neck out and it hurt too much to sit here typing, and that I possibly did it while moving furniture. That’s because last Sunday Taylor and I finally bought the new couch I’ve been pining over! I asked them how long it would take to be delivered and first they said 4-6 weeks. I was like, Hmm, that’s kind of long, but at least I’ll have time to get rid of the old couch!, but then they were like “Oh we mean one week.” I figured that since this week was a short one (holiday Monday and all) That it would arrive early next week, which would still give me enough time to get rid of the old one.

Welp. It came on Wednesday.

New Couch

Wednesday was actually the WORST possible day for furniture delivery. Normally I get trucks to go down the alley since it’s closer to my apartment, but the west end of the alley was blocked because they were filming a tv show, and the east end was blocked because like, a tree fell or something. So the delivery truck had to park out front, blocking the whole street and causing lots of screaming and wrath from impatient drivers.

New Couch + Dogs
Spot the second dog in this picture.
New Couch + Dogs
Kichou and the Yak Milk
Peace in the Middle East
The new couch bringing together old enemies.

Now, BEFORE the couch was delivered I had to get the old one out of the way, so Tuesday was spent heaving tons of furniture around by myself while Taylor was sleeping (hence the sore neck). Sym and I made a cozy of pillows, blankets and beanbags in the newly-empty living room, where we snuggled up with some dogs to watch Mulan.

Sym in the Pillow Pile
Sym & Georgie
Sym & Georgie
Sym & Georgie
Getting a Georgie Bath

Georgie had several baths this week. The first was after she spent and hour wrestling with a Yorkie in the park and came home covered in slobber. The second was after I took her to the dog-specific off-leash area. There were big puppies there and she got so scared when they chased her that she peed herself and then rolled in the pee-mud. And on my feet. Lovely.

Georgie Vs Water
How could you? HOW COULD YOU??
Georgie Vs Water
It Smells Like Wet Dog in Here

She also had her last distemper shot on Wednesday, and weighed in at an impressive 4lbs12oz. My little girl is growing up!

One thing I felt bad about was that I’d promised Sym we’d do fun stuff, but between the furniture chaos and the crippling neck pain I couldn’t really do anything. I made it up to her yesterday by inviting her best friend Ali over and taking them and a girl who just moved in upstairs, Ana Lucia, to the new playground at Emery Barnes Park in Yaletown. The playground is really awesome, but it was quite hot and they are CRAZY, so they ended up spending most of the afternoon playing in the fountain. By the time we came home they were all soaked.

Girl Squad
Girl Squad
Girl Squad
Girl Squad
This was only the beginning of Fountain Party.

Emery Barnes Park is only a few blocks east of where we live in the West End, but Yaletown people really are different from Davie Village people. At one point the girls were crossing back and forth over some stepping stones across the fountain (it’s actually a series of fountains, waterfalls and pools along a stream). I was on one side and on the other side were some street youths. Now, I’ve had issues with street youths. I don’t like when they scream at me or leave gross messes in the park, and one time Dougal and I were attacked, unprovoked, by a vicious street dog the unapologetic owner had allowed to roam around off leash. However. The street youths in Emery Barnes Park weren’t doing anything. They were just hanging out in the shade, talking amongst themselves and petting their well-behaved dogs. If there had been loud swearing or drinking or drug use I would’ve taken the girls to play in a different area, but there wasn’t, so to me, that’s fine. Then some snooty woman comes over to me and haughtily says “If those were MY kids, I would NEVER let them play near THOSE PEOPLE.” I just gave her one of these:

… and walked away. Later, when the girls were wading in the (chlorinated, comes from the same source as our tap water) fountain stream, some yuppie dad walked by, gave me a look and said loudly to his kids, “No you can’t go in the water, that’s dirty and disgusting.” Whatever, dude, my kids are having ACTUAL fun while yours are just sweltering and miserable.

Anyway, that’s basically it, I didn’t really do anything crazy-exciting with my week off. In addition to the WIBR post I have a pending post about a long-overdue project I’m working on, so that’ll hopefully be up soon as well. Now I’m just waiting around for some dude who’s supposed to be coming to look at the two chaises from my old couch (I sold the ottoman already this morning). Anyway, have a great weekend!

Three Bears

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  1. Georgie is SO CUTE all wet!!
    I get that parents want to keep their kids safe, but a) what parent DOESN’T?, and b) do they have to be so g-d self righteous about it? Do they think someone is keeping track somewhere, with gold stars on a chart?

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