Quiet Time

Nap time is my favorite time of the work day. It’s when I get my “break.” I can read and relax, eat lunch without sharing, get the laundry and dishes done and work on whatever project I have going currently*. With all the daycare kids napping the house is quiet and calm and we all get a chance to recharge before they all wake up and the craziness starts again.

Doughnut Dog
Taylor & Georgie
Poor Puppy
Normally during the day I shut the bedroom door so the dogs don’t keep Taylor up, but Georgie hurt her paw on something outside and she was very sad about it so I let her sleep in there today.
Sym & Ana Lucia
Sym & Ana Lucia have been going back and forth between apartments all afternoon, playing and watching cartoons and snacking. Clearly, being eight is the right thing to be.
Dining Room
I rearranged the “dining room” last week and moved Claire’s Fortress of Impenetrable Cattitude in there to stop her from clambering down the piano and knocking stuff over..

*Here’s a sneak peek at what I’m working on:

Sneak Peek

Intriguing, I know. What could it be? How mysterious! You’ll all have to wait a few more days until it’s done to find out!

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