One Day I Need to Sit Out Here

I realized I forgot to post about (mostly) finishing my patio makeover!

I haven’t exactly figured out how I’m going to transform the rainbow umbrella into a patio umbrella yet- I keep vacillating between attaching it to the fence, attaching it to the table and making it free-standing. I’ll probably figure it out sometime around next May, but for now, here’s my finished patio furniture in its natural habitat.


Patio Before


Patio After

These pictures really highlight the progress the ivy has made! The before was from May 2008 and the after is from today.

It’s been rained on a few times and at first it seeped a milky liquid, which was gross, but now it seems to be fully “cured,” which is good because it this didn’t work out I was going to have to scrap the whole set. Now I just need to find the time to actually sit out there!

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