Sneak Peek #3

Sneak Peek

I am sososo close to being finished my project! I think it’s turning out pretty great but I’ve built it up so much that when I finally do a big ~reveal~ you all are going to be like “Really? THAT’S your ‘big project?’” *eyeroll*

In other news I thought I’d give a little update on my plans from this post. How’s it all going? Did I do all the things I said I would and did it make me feel better? Let’s see:
1. Start going to the gym again. I did this for a week and then I threw my neck out, ugh lame. I’m not beating myself up over it though (that would be detrimental to the whole making-myself-feel-better thing anyway), the whole neck thing was unforeseeable, and if there are no other neck related crises then I’m going to REstart going on Thursday.
2. Canceling the water delivery service and donating the money I used to spend on it to a water-specific charity. In the background of this picture of Sym you can see the LAST jug of delivered water. SO CLOSE TO BEING DONE! I’ve decided to donate to Charity:Water; 100% of the donations they receive goes toward water projects and you can really set up an automatic monthly donation through my Paypal account. This appeals to both my philanthropic side and my super lazy side, haha. EDIT I figured that while I had that tab open I may as well sign up and make my first donation. And you know what? I do feel better!
3. Restart work on my self-portrait painting. I haven’t even touched this because I’ve been CONSUMED with finishing my big project. Whoops. However, working on anything creative helps, and the big project has also helped declutter my apartment, which is a bonus. That’s always a bonus!

So. Basically I haven’t really accomplished anything from my list yet, but somehow I still feel better. I think it wasn’t so much doing what I put on the list, but more just concentrating on what I could do to create positivity in my own life (which the list brought into focus) that helped to make me happier. So like. I guess it worked! Go me!

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