It’s a Special Day


… to the handsomest, kindest, funniest, most wonderful man in the entire world. You make every day of my life the best day ever, and being married to you makes me the luckiest girl.

Los Macho
before our first date
Wedding of the Century
our wedding day

I was going to take a picture of Taylor today, like, RIGHT NOW, but he’s currently sleeping in a weird position with his mouth wide open. While he is forgiving of most of my sleeping husband photography, he probably wouldn’t appreciate it if I captured him right now. Instead, here is a selection of Sleeping Husband Classics.

Sleepy Cozies
Sleepies Time
Sleepies Time Gang
Taylor & Georgie
Handsome Sleep Club
Ol Blue Eyes

4 Replies to “It’s a Special Day”

    1. Oh, I have pics of him sleeping n his underpants but those are for personal use

      I saw your book came (I added you blog to my reader), I’m almost finished it LET ME TELL YOU WHAT HAPPENS no j/k

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