Fall “Fashions”

It’s wet. It’s wet and cold and rainy and when I took Georgie for a walk this morning we both got soaked. It’s only supposed to be rainy for two days and then the sun is back, but the air has been all crisp and chilly for the past week so I’m now in FULL FALL MODE. The other day I ordered my new fall boots: Frye Engineers. I’m going to wear the heck out of these!


Of course, those boots aren’t going to be much use when the rains REALLY start. I currently have some black and white Lacoste rainboots I bought last year, but they’ve started rubbing and chafing my ankles really badly so I might have to get new ones. Honestly I have NO IDEA how I used to survive Vancouver’s rainy season without proper boots! Anyway I’m thinking of getting a pair of Hunter boots, everybody I know who has them LOVES them. The question is: short or tall?


Another totally stylish item I’m looking into is RAIN PANTS. I ask that parents bring them for their kids (although almost no one ever does, argh) and I’m really sick of slogging around in soggy denim so I figure it’s time I start practicing what I preach. I looked at the Mountain Equipment Co-op site but didn’t see anything I liked- the only pair that seemed close to what I was interested in were $165 and had TERRIBLE reviews. Apparently the water resistance isn’t that resistant and the fabric is like a dog hair magnet! Forget that! Instead I’m looking at the Lululemon Community Pant and heck, while I’m at it I might as well get an Everyday Yoga Jacket as well.


The pants have good reviews (some from people who own dogs so hair magnetism won’t be an issue) and aren’t TOTALLY uncool looking. I actually have a similar (and great) Lululemon jacket already, but it’s a) BRIGHT BLUE omg lol how do I own this? and b) probably too small by now. My internet shopping fingers are itching to order these right now but the Lululemon store is like, four blocks from my house, so I think I can hold off until after work when I can go try them on.

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