Autumn Wishlist and a Rant About Bras


1. The Furies Beast Slim Noh Tee, I really love everything about this; 2. byCORPUS Mixed-Stitch Cardigan, this is also available in black, which I might like more, idk; 3. BDG Baggy Tweed Short, to wear with some thick tights and my new, not-yet-received boots PRE-EMPTIVE EDIT THEY WERE JUST DELIVERED/POST-EMPTIVE EDIT I CAN’T EVEN GET THEM ON MY FEET UGH WTH >:/; 4. Gap Always Skinny Cords, because I’m sick of jeans; 5. Aldo Beveal Ballet Flats, I DESPERATELY need a new pair of black flats, my old ones barely even qualify as shoes anymore; 6. BDG Rugby Stripe Sweater Dress; 7. BDG Trouser Short two pairs of tweedy shorts??? I know, so silly but I don’t know which I like better. These are longer but the other ones are darker. Decisions! 8. Gap Oversized Double-Layer T, likely in black AND heather grey; 9. Kimchi Blue Trouser Sweatpant, some people have an aversion to “sweatpants fashion.” I AM NOT ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE.


In other shopping news, I need some new brassieres, and since the Gap now ships in Canada I was like “Oh yay! Maybe they have some nice, plain, simple t-shirt bras like I like!” (I don’t like frilly lacey rhinestone-encrusted patterned bras with bows and crap). Anyway I quickly perused the bra section and found lots of nice, plain, simple t-shirt bras like I like, in colours like grey and black and white people nude. I was all happy until I realized the actually only make one kind of bra in my size.

Nursing bras.

Nursing bras.

NURSING BRAS WHAT THE HECK. I’m super irritated. My chest isn’t even THAT enormous! It’s like, average big. Why can’t I just find some nice, simple, plain t-shirt bras in colours like grey and black and white people nude that aren’t frilly lacey rhinestone-encrusted patterned with bows and crap and also aren’t like, $50 per boob? Bonus points for convertible straps and I can wear them with a tank top and the entire thing doesn’t show at the neckline/armholes. WHY IS THIS SO DIFFICULT???

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  1. I find it annoying to shop for bras too. I usually buy them down in the US (cheaper) or at Changes. Ever been there? It’s not too expensive (they have sales all the time) and they measure you and help you find the proper fit..they have a different kind of sizing there.

  2. OMG! Nursing bras? That sucks so hard! But those sweatpants are totally cute. I was just in Urban and I think the only thing I saw there on your list was the rugby stripe dress.

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