House of Trees

Big Tree

This is my favorite tree in the whole city. It’s across the street from my house and I think it’s just perfect. There are a couple on my side of the street as well but they’re crowded with hawthorn and laurel trees so you can’t see them as well. This morning when I was walking the dogs I discovered this:

Little Trees

BABBY TREES! I think I’m going to swipe one and put it in a pot so I can have it for my own. If I don’t kill it, that is.


Last week I started reading House of Leaves and LET ME TELL YOU it is not going well. It’s not just that the story is dense and complicated and hard to get into, it’s that I had to buy the ACTUAL BOOK and it weighs a hundred thousand pounds! I’ve been taking it to read at Sym’s piano lessons and carrying it to her dad’s and then up the hill home is a nightmare. I can understand why it’s not available for kindle- all the weird formatting and footnotes and different typefaces and coloured text, but I really wish it was! Also, every time I try to read it I fall asleep. Maybe my brain it trying to tell me something?

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