Just when I was starting to feel better about the fact that I will never ever ever be able to afford to buy my own home, the rickety little 2 bedroom house next door goes on the market just to rub it in.


I saw the For Sale sign yesterday and through some clever sleuthing was able to find the listing online, and the asking price of $1,800,000. Yep. ONE POINT EIGHT MILLION. DOLLARS.

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    1. I think it is.

      This old couple used to live there and when I first moved into the neighborhood I had all these fantasies that I’d make friends with them and when they died they’d leave it to me but as it turned out they were SO ANNOYING I couldn’t even stand them lol. Anyway they passed away and there was a big rumour they were leaving the house to Mole Hill (my neighborhood) but I GUESS NOT.

    1. LOL 4EVER. My sister moved to Saskatchewan and she hasn’t exactly been giving it glowing reviews. Besides, if I’m too far from the Pacific Ocean I get emotional vertigo.

  1. So I had no idea how strong the Canadian dollar was against the American dollar so I was thinking, this surely can’t be as bad as it seems, right?

    Then I plugged it into a currency converter. Oy.

    1. lol 1.8 million Canadian is 1.742 million USD. And I rent.

      tbh the reason why it’s so expensive has more to do with the land than the house- it’s right downtown and it’s listed as a “development opportunity.” And there’s a tiny vacant lot down the hill that’s 1.5 million.

      1. And I thought Toronto was expensive. You could get a nice house in the most expensive part of the city for $1.8 million. Obvs you should move to Toronto.

  2. HUH??

    Now I really have to win the lottery so I can buy you a house. But not that one. It’s kind of grubby looking.

    And Melfort isn’t that bad. It’s just like Parksville when we were little.

    Plus, I’m totally the hottest female in town and I’m shallow enough for that to really amuse and keep me happy.

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