The Golden Pup


Georgie is the best dog. HANDS DOWN. Like, if you don’t believe me, I will fight you.


As you can see in this picture she only has one of her big canines (I guess all dog teeth are canine teeth, idk) on the bottom. I accidentally pulled the other one out yanking a sock out of her mouth! It was just a puppy tooth- her big dog tooth is already poking through though.


She’s also really starting to puff up, hair-wise. Taylor thought she was getting bigger but it’s mostly fluff!


Especially on her ears! Those long white tufts coming out of them kill me.


A fuzzy puppy curled up in your duvet makes for almost perfect coziness, but something is missing…

Taylor & Georgie

A fuzzy husband (or “fuzzband”). Now this is perfecto đŸ™‚

4 Replies to “The Golden Pup”

  1. Jake and Georgie should go head-to-head. She may have the tuft and small size categories down, but he’ll take the lead when it comes to sheer disheveled charm.

    1. It’s actually a tapestry/bedspread from Urban Outfitters- I had it made into a duvet cover with a dark brown flat sheet for the other side.

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