Symmie in her Natural Habitat

In her bed with a pile of toys, a book and the tv on (not pictured): where I can always find her.

Sym's Room

On Tuesday I finally hung the paper lantern I’ve been working on for Sym’s bedroom. I finished all the cutting and gluing weeks ago but I had to order a light cord for it, and find a way to use the light cord with the too-small lantern (the wire harp inside the lantern made the bulb hang so low it stuck out of the bottom, so in the end I took it out and cobbled something together with a Pringles can lid and some cable ties to hold the cord) and sort out the whole hanging-something-from-the-ceiling situation. I actually did really poorly on that last one, the hook is loose and looks sloppy but I ran out of (nap)time to work on it. I’m going to wait until the cord unkinks a little more before I rehang it. The lantern itself turned out really pretty though.

Cupcake Liner Light

Also please note Sym’s interior decorating. I think I set a bad example with my walls du art in the dining room. Anyway, now that this project is well enough squared away, I’m going to focus on finishing my self-portrait because OH MY LORD I AM SO CLOSE TO BEING DONE, and then I’m going to work on turned the Ikea Mammut armoire (see dining room picture link) into a computer workstation for Taylor. WISH ME LUCK.

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    1. lol she already does, and when I asked her why she had such an attitude problem she said it’s because when I “borned” her all MY attitude problem transferred to HER.

  1. That sounds like me. Although replace toys with “stuff.” But surrounded by stuff, reading a book, with TV on sounds like how I roll! ^_^

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