Mini Doughnut Party

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spooky halloween edition

I made these Halloween doughnuts for Symphony’s class party tomorrow. I used the same recipe as the cinnamon-sugar/lemon glazed doughnuts, just replacing the nutmeg/lemon juice with vanilla. I dipped them in melted butter and black, purple and orange sanding sugar from the EXTENSIVE collection of Halloween sugars and sprinkles I picked up this year.

Halloween Doughnuts

This is my doughnut making set up:

Making Halloween Doughnuts

I work from right to left, so first is the pastry bag of doughnut batter, the mini doughnut maker, the monkey-shaped spoons I use to flip the cooked doughnuts out of the machine, a bowl of melted butter, 3 little bowls of sanding sugar, and last of all the cooling racks. Please ignore the sink overflowing with dirty dishes, I actually washed them all while I was waiting for each batch to cook.

Since one batch of batter makes about a million (okay, 42) doughnuts, I decided to save the last batch for Sym, the daycare kids and myself. For these ones I mixed all the leftover sugars together for a black-orange-purple mix.

Halloween Doughnuts

It just happened to perfectly match the Halloween shirt Sym wore today.

Sym Tries the Halloween Doughnuts
Sym Tries the Halloween Doughnuts

Her verdict: Delicious!

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