Taking Out My Frustrations

I mean, literally taking them out of my body. This day has been intensely aggravating and there’s only one solution.



These were taken a couple of weeks ago by Taylor but he didn’t upload them until recently.


Last weekend the breeder I got Georgie from emailed me to say her dog has had a new litter of 6 puppies- 2 Georgie coloured, 1 black & tan (like Kichou) and 3 chocolate & tan. I swear, if I wasn’t at my legal limit for number of dogs in the city I’d get another. Who could resist this?



3 Replies to “Taking Out My Frustrations”

  1. You make me want a Pom so bad too! But I don’t wanna drive or fly all the way up to Canada for a dog. 🙁

    But a Georgie colored dog! I wannnnnt.

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