Whiny Wednesday

I’m not having a super-fantastic day. Wednesdays are always stressful because I have more kids than any other day and today has also had extra stresses like:
1. sleeping in until 8 minutes before the first kids are dropped off
2. an absurd rainstorm that soaked all of us LITERALLY down to our underwear
3. overall bad behavior and poor listening from the daycare kids

NO FUN. But hey, only 3 1/2 hours and it’s over, right? So let’s move on to better things.

Tiny Oranges

On the weekend I bought a mini-box of the mini-mandarins I’m obsessed with (I posted about them last year) and on Monday and Tuesday I ate them all. They’re tiny but the boxes hold a pound and a half. I’ve also been eating a pomegranate a day. TAKE THAT SCURVY AND WHATEVER IT IS THAT ANTIOXIDANTS FIGHT.

On Wednesdays and Fridays Taylor gets home from work late, which means I either have to wait for coffee until almost noon, or get up early and go get it myself (which clearly didn’t happen since I already mentioned I slept in. HOWEVER it doesn’t matter anymore because last night my darling husband bought a Nespresso machine.

Taylor's Nespresso Machine

It’s cute! It’s automatic! He’s going to be in charge of any cleaning! I think I put too much water in the americano I made this morning but I’ll get the hang of it! (Smaller cups will help also.)

Lotsa Greys

I just took this five minutes ago when I was straightening my hair. LOOK AT ALL THAT WHITE HOLY SMOKES. I swear if it was like this all over I’d cut off all my ends and be done with hair dye forever. Unfortunately it’s not so I’m going in Saturday for highlights.

And of course, there’s my golden shadow. She’s started cuddling up with Taylor more, which makes me stupidly jealous, but she still follows me around the house.

Tiny Dog

In other news, I relisted some Fawn and Unicorn prints in my etsy shop, just in time for the holidays! So if you missed out on them last time nows your chance! And later today I’m going out to pick up some prints of Le Coeur de Grenade, which will be listed by the weekend.

Pink UnicornSymphony's FawnCoral UnicornMecha-Fawn

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