Winter Means Dog Boots

I Refuse to Look

People in Vancouver don’t get snow management. They think that the second snow falls, even a little bit, they need to start whipping salt everywhere. My neighborhood is pretty bad for it, but this afternoon I was at the bottom of Robson Street and the entire half a block of sidewalk where the Safeway is was just ENCRUSTED with salt, even though as I predicted, the snow is almost entirely gone.

The thing about sidewalk salting is:
a) it doesn’t make any sense to do it BEFORE you shovel, which so many people here do, and
b) IT IS SO BAD FOR DOGS! It burns their little paws- I’ve taken Dougal and Kichou for winter walks before and had them limping in pain before we’ve even reached the corner, plus it can make them really sick if they lick it off their feet. After that Safeway sidewalk debacle this afternoon I practically had to put Georgie into a puppy headlock to stop her from getting at her toes.

Some people think it’s stupid to put boots on dogs, because dogs didn’t evolve to wear shoes. Fair enough, but they didn’t evolve to walk around on salt-covered pavement either! After the salt fiasco in my neighborhood two years ago I got boots for Dougal and Kichou, and when I saw the creepy maintenance guy with a bag of salt on Saturday morning (in spite of there being almost NO SNOW) I knew Georgie needed some too. She did the dog-boot goofy walk for a second but got used to them surprisingly fast- this was the only video I was able to get because she started running around the house like a little golden rocket.

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    1. Funny enough I got some youtube phishing spam recently about that very same topic! Anyway first I have to convince Taylor to shoot my videos with his camera so they are in HD. HD DOG BOOTS.

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