Symmie it’s Cold Outside

Look at what I wore tonight to take the dog for a walk:

It's Cold Outside

-wool coat
-elbow-length cashmere gloves with fingerless gloves over them
-tank top
-zip-up sweatshirt
-knee socks
… plus the regular lady unmentionables. And my hands and back were still freezing! Like, WHAT THE HECK IT IS SO COLD! I just check my weather widget and it’s -5°C. There’s a MINUS for temperatures now???? This is totally unacceptable, and it’;s supposed to be even colder tomorrow 🙁 Oh and I’m WELL AWARE that there are many places that are much much colder and have snow and wind chill and blah blah blah, but THERE’S A REASON I DON’T LIVE IN THOSE PLACES and it’s because THEY ARE UNINHABITABLE.

In warmer news, guess who is back from Mexico?

Symmie Back from Mexico

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