I’m Back!

When I was in the car on Friday I downloaded a wordpress app for my new phone so I could easily post while I was away and then I just… didn’t. Oops! I don’t really want to do a big Christmas recap right now because I’m tired and greasy feeling (six hours in the car will do that) but here are a few things. These are all Taylor’s pictures- I took my camera with me but never even took it out of my bag, although I did take pictures with my phone, which you’d know if you follow my twitter.


The dogs and I at the traditional stop at the former site of the Coquihalla Highway toll booths.


We ended up doing “Swedish Christmas” and opened all our presents on Christmas Eve. I got so many wonderful gifts, including this beautiful ring from Specimental Design, I love it so much! Thanks, husband!!


I tied these decorative berries & ribbon onto Georgie to make her more festive, but she chewed some of them up and pooped out golden glittery poops all the next day. Story of my life, basically.

Anyway I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas, or if you don’t celebrate Christmas, then a fantastic regular weekend 🙂

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    1. I love that picture so much, I totally want to put it up on the wall.

      And thanks! I’ve been wearing this coat since 2007. I got it at Aritzia and it was expensive, but SO worth it!

    1. We decided at the last minute, there was no kids there anyway so this meant we (by which I mean me & my MIL) got to drink two bottles of wine and then sleep in the next morning!

  1. I did the same for Christmas, but mostly because I had to travel on Christmas day. But we have done it a few times now….

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