Down on the Farm

Today was Taylor’s last full vacation day (he has to work tomorrow night so he’ll need to get up early in the morning and go to bed in the afternoon) and for some inexplicable reason he decided to spend it at Ikea. Crazy, but who am I to argue πŸ˜‰

We’d been talking about getting a desk for him, and I’d come up with an Ikea hack using some pieces from a tv stand that I’d disassembled as a desktop. We were just going to get some little shelves and legs to hold it up, but ended up going in a completely different direction! Taylor found an actual desk he liked that was on sale, so we got that in black. It was actually closer to the black-brown colour of the bookcase we already have in the office area and a little drawer unit Taylor picked out today, so I thought it’d match nicely. Except when we got home and opened the box it was the wrong colour!

The Wrong Desk

Oops! So I guess I know what I’ll be doing tomorrow: painting a desk!
Taylor also bought me a new desk chair, hooray!

New Chair

What I really went crazy on this trip was toys. I’ve been wanting to replace the crappy, chewed-up plastic toy food I have for the daycare kids, but I didn’t want to get wooden food (too expensive and easily ruin if Georgie gets ahold of it) and Ikea really came through! They had these plush food sets- breakfast, desserts, fruits and veggies– and I wanted them all, but unfortunately had some sort of a brain malfunction and forgot to buy the fruit and veggie sets! Luckily, Symphony’s grandma is going to Ikea on Tuesday so she’s going to pick them up for me.

Desserts & Breakfast

I also got this little barn:

Closed Farm

… that opens up to be a farm!

Open Farm

I also got farm vehicles and extra animals to go with it. I really like this set- I reminds me of a little house with furniture and bears my mom made me for Christmas once when I was a little kid. Of course, I probably could have made this stuff myself, but I then if the kids tried to play with them I’d be like this grumpy bull!

Surly Bull

7 Replies to “Down on the Farm”

    1. I got them at Chapters, but they don’t have the yellow ones anymore! They’re made by Bigso Box of Sweden but I think this colour/size is discontinued.

  1. i LOVE that chair! just be careful when you wear dark denim/skirts because i have a white chair that i ruined from the dye of my jeans πŸ™

    1. Also did you try using a Magic Eraser on it? I had dark denim dye rub all over the tops of my sweet pink & white Adidas shelltoes (lol this was in the wayback) and the Magic Eraser got it right off.

  2. Oh my gosh! You are killing me with the toy goodies and the chair. I want to go to IKEA SOOOO BAD. UGHHH

    Maybe on my way back from the states to Alaska, I’ll stop in Canada and pick up a few things!

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