Take a Bow

Today is a TCB* kind of day: I did up tax receipts for all my clients and paid all my bills, and I’m about to take out all the recycling and garbage and attempt to make a beef stew for the first time ever (note: the beef stew is unrelated to the garbage). I’m kind of extra-busy at work today because I agreed to watch a former client’s toddler for the day- their regular child care provider out in the suburbs has tonsillitis.

I also made the bows to stick on the ends of the Valentine Bunting on the cloud wall.

Bunting Bows

People often ask me “How did you do that???” about my various craft projects, and tend not to believe me when I tell them how easy it is. Well, this LITERALLY could not have been easier!
1. cut ribbon to whatever length you want (mine were all different lengths)
2. tie it in a bow, bunny ears-style
3. put a piece of double-stick tape on the back of the knot & stick it to whatever surface you want
Voilà! Sweet satin bows which hide the raw ends of the bunting nicely.

*Taking Care of Business, durr

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