If You Wanna F@#% with the Eagles


“Heather told me she teaches people real life. she said ‘Real life sucks losers dry. If you wanna fuck with the eagles you have to learn to fly.'”

Or you could just buy a super-sweet skirt with giant awesome eagles all over it.

If You Wanna F@#% with the Eagles

Amazing, right? Today was a great shopping day, I got the skirt for $30 and a pair of grey J Brands for $37. Plus Taylor wanted a new center speaker (guys are so weirdly obsessed with speakers), and even though the one he wanted wasn’t on sale anymore the store still had it marked at the sale price, so he got it for cheap (well, cheap-ish).

Other fantastic things from this weekend:

Rainbow Ice Cream

On Friday we had our usual Dance Central night, but we also had two of the best flavours of ice cream to eat: RAINBOW and TIGER


I recently learned that Tiger (or Tiger Tiger, or Tiger Tail) ice cream doesn’t exist in the US. How tragic for the American people!

New New Hair

I got my hair highlighted yesterday and it’s so blonde now! I love it, but my stylist says I’m at risk for developing BLONDAREXIA. I think I’m at risk for turning into my mom (she went very blonde with age).

On Saturday night Taylor and I watched Lars and the Real Girl.


I can’t believe neither of us had seen it, it’s so good! Last weekend we watched Blue Valentine so I think we’re going to continue with Ryan Gosling Fest and watch Half Nelson next.

I finished the peppermint bunting I made for Sym’s room and added it to my etsy as well.


I think it turned out really cute! In other projects, Taylor and I are FINALLY painting his desk, so I should have pictures of that this week. Also, this afternoon my neighbor Matt brought his ADORABLE baby pug Lucy over for a playdate with Georgie, and Taylor took a bunch of pictures that I’m HOPING with be up on his flickr soon so I can share them with you 🙂

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