What I’ve Been Eating

Did you guys know I’ve been making dinner again? It’s true! In addition to last Wednesday’s beef stew, there was tacos last Monday, pasta with spinach and tomatoes on Friday and a very late breakfast-for-lunch on Saturday afternoon. Last night I continued this unprecedented streak of homemaking with this fine meal:


Orange-ginger salmon, carmelized carrots and the world’s best mashed potatoes but FOR REAL this time because I swear these were the BEST mashed potatoes I’ve ever made, and that is saying A LOT.

The carrots I sliced and tossed in a pan with butter and brown sugar. I cooked them over medium heat for about ten minutes, then low for another ten.

The mashed potatoes were made with russet potatoes, peeled for once (which is something I’m not good at, learning to peel potatoes might be my Everest). While they drained I sizzled some butter & minced garlic in the bottom of the pot, mashed the potatoes in with a little Himalayan pink salt, added a heaping spoon of sour cream and then remashed for the smoothest potatoes ever (lumps are for jerks).

For the salmon (a wild Sockeye fillet), I mixed orange juice and zest (actually clementine, but close enough) with minced garlic and fresh grated ginger, then baked it in parchment. It took ten minutes longer to cook than expected, and at first I was livid because I thought my sides would be ruined (I think Christina at The Imperial March knows what I’m talking about!) but it turned out to be a boon- the carrots got even more carmelized-y and the potatoes got a nice crispiness on the bottom. Yum!

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    1. They are the worst! Carrots, apples, bring it on, but potatoes? FORGET IT. You’re lucky to have an associate who will peel that devil root for you, Taylor is possibly worse at it than I am.

    1. The fish store. Idk, Choices I think. Anyway I would like a sweet deal on fish and ALSO we need to hang out and shop.

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