Dream Life Redux

Last spring I made a post aaaaaall about how I wanted nothing more than to move out of the city, get a house with a yard and have a baby and a bunch of fuzzy little dogs. You know, live the dream!

Georgie Kissing Me

At least I accomplished one thing off my list. Oh and yes, she’s licking my teeth in this picture.

Part of my dream-life plan was fuelled by the two cute houses I’d found, but of course they eventually both sold and it was a very sad day for everyone. I still like to browse real estate websites, but I’ve never found anything I really loved. UNTIL TODAY.




I love this, I love the huge open plan big windows vaulted ceiling everything. Oh, and did I mention it comes with a stream?


I DIE. I absolutely die. I’m creepy so I looked it up on google maps and here it is from space:


Look at all the trees and nature! And yet amazingly, it’s only 20 minutes from where I’m sitting now, in the middle of downtown. Basically it’s stunning gorgeous flawless etc and if anyone has a spare $900,000 lying around they’d like to give me so I can make this dream a reality, I wouldn’t be mad. Orrrrrr I could get this one:


Which is a little less expensive. The interior is really hideous so I won’t show it to you, but it also has a lot of awesomeness to it. No stream though :/

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    1. Maybe if everyone chips in I can get it and use it for international sassy meetups. Did I mention it has a detached guest suite?

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