Hair Did, with Symmie

Guess what? It’s snowing today.

Snow Day

I KNOW, IT’S CRAZY. I was planning on going to Urban Outfitters to look for this dress I’ve been obsessing over, but in the cold and wind with snow particles blasting in my face? NO THANKS. Instead I spent the afternoon doing hair stuff with Sym.

Hair Did

Not so different, right? WRONG.

Hair Did

I basically feel like a My Little Pony. I haven’t had “unnatural” colours in my hair since like, 2002, so this is like, a Big Deal for me.

Sym wanted green in her hair, so I bleached some streaks for her.

Symmie Hair Did & Painting

(She’s working on a set of nesting dolls, they’re really cute.)

Symmie Hair Did

After I rinsed it out she decided she wanted to keep it blonde- in fact, she wants to go blonder! I wish I’d known, because I would have done a better job, but OH WELL. I have some purple shampoo & conditioner she can use that should hopefully tone down that yellow a little.

We were also going to paint our nails but it’s almost time for her to go to her dad’s, so we’re going to do it tomorrow. Instead, we had some quality photobooth time.

Mommy-Symmie Day
Mommy-Symmie Day
Mommy-Symmie Day
Mommy-Symmie Day
Mommy-Symmie Day

7 Replies to “Hair Did, with Symmie”

  1. sexy momma!! welcome to the dark side >:) i miss my red hair tho! BOO. She looks so cute and grown up with highlights!

  2. LOVE the hair! I’ve been wanting to put some color in my hair for forever now, but I’m afraid of the whole bleaching process. Yours looks great though!

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