Marching On

Good Morning from Georgie Land

Another month over, so let’s talk goals! idk if you remember, but my goal for February was to make better fod choices, and I think I did an okay job. I’m not saying I always ate healthy stuff for the entire month, but I did cook more instead of going out for every meal, had more veggies and less chips, and a lot of the sweets I ate I baked myself. I had breakfast more often and drank way more water than pop.


So that’s pretty good, right? So now it’s March 1st and time to think of a new goal, but unfortunately, I made so many other changes this month that I can’t think of any! Some of the other stuff I did includes:

  • I started taking vitamins again! I think this started mid-month and I’ve remembered almost every day. I’m also trying to remember to get Taylor & Sym to take theirs, but baby steps, you know?
  • I stopped using cleansers and moisturizers on my face and just use jojoba oil instead, and my face feels so much better! Before it was constantly vacillating between being too dry and itchy and too oily and blemishy, but now it’s just nice all the time.
  • I very briefly stopped using cleansers & moisturizers on my body, but felt too itchy and sticky so I went back, although I did start doing weekly olive oil & sugar scrubs, which leaves me feeling like I have the skin of a fancy magazine baby (real babies have weird bumps and crusty rashes, gross but true).
  • I busted myself out of a major appearance rut with EXTREME HAIR CHANGES, which you may have noticed.
  • … so with all these exciting changes I don’t know what to do for March! Of course, the logical thing would be to say this is the month I’m going to start going to the gym again but ahahahahahahhahahah as if that’s going to happen. Maybe I’ll spend this month visualizing myself going to the gym, and then by April I’ll be ready!

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      1. It does sound crazy, but it’s totally been working for me! At night I rub a few drops of oil into my face for a couple minutes and then rinse it off with water (if I’m in the shower) or wipe it off with a wet cloth (if I’m not). It works to remove make up as well. After wards if my skin feels dry at all I rub a drop in to moisturize, but normally I don’t need to. Same in the morning- if my skin feels dry I rub a drop of oil in, but it’s not always necessary. My skin feels way better- never too dry or too oily, whereas before it was a constant struggle, and I’m not getting any blemishes or anything. It’s awesome!

    1. 1. The bangs look awesome!
      2. Healthy eating habits are hard to set in motion, I totally feel you.
      3. The prettiest girl I know is totally into vitamins, juice cleanses, and “eating for beauty.” I’ve never really believed in any of that stuff, but she is kind of, uh, proof.

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