In Spring, a Woman’s Thoughts…

Nails Did

… seem to always turn to thoughts of nail polish. I’m not a big manicure person for most of the year, but for some reason in the spring I get really into it. In the last week I’ve bought nine new polishes O__O In my defence, some of these were chosen by Sym (cough*orange*cough) and a lot of them were on clearance. So that makes it okay, right? Right.

I Bought Too Much Nail Polish

colours l-r: Disco Ball; Diamonds; Step 2 the Beat of my ♥; Virtuous Violet; Laser; Beach Bum Blu; Respect the World; Kiss Me at Midnight; Fresh Squeezed

I painted my fingernails with Laser this afternoon, and it is unfortunately one of those nail polish colours that doesn’t photograph well; in pictures it looks like a glittery blue, when in real life it’s iridescent blue/purple and way more awesome. You can kind of see the purpleness in the bottle though.


Oh and please pretend I took this picture AFTER I cleaned all the excess polish off my cuticles & the side of my thumb. I’m a nail polish spastic, okay? Also please pretend I don’t have a skanky hangnail on my pinky. Ugh, why am I so gross?

I also painted my toenails today- they were already light grey (OPI Moon Over Mumbai, my all-time favorite polish) but I was bored so I put a couple of coats of Diamonds over them. Of course, I wouldn’t want to post a picture of my toes because feet aren’t cute, particularly mine. So I cropped the toe out and left the polish! You’re welcome.

Moon Over Mumbai + Diamonds

My thoughts have also turned to love, so here’s the one I love. This morning I told him to come take a picture with me so I could show the internet how cute he is, and he did this:

Gross Husband

He’s so charming. Oh wait, he actually IS charming.

Cute Husband

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