Tacky Nails

Pink Nails, SO Tacky

Last night I decided to give myself the tackiest mani-pedi I had the skills & polish to accomplish.

Something About Pink + Disco Ball

on fingers: MAC x Hello Kitty in Something About Pink + Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Extreme Wear in Disco Ball

Virtuous Violet + Step 2 the Beat of my ♥

on toes (actual toe cropped out because ew): Nicole by OPI in Virtuous Violet & Step 2 the Beat of my ♥

LOVELY. I actually really like the MAC polish- only two coats gave excellent coverage and the colour is FANTASTIC. Doing to pedicure was a total drag; the purple took three coats (lame), and the hearts were really hard to deal with (although I knew that already from Sara at WR2BAM. It would have been easier to hand-apply them with tweezers than trying to wrassle them out of the bottle onto the brush and off of the brush onto my nails. The end result is pretty great though!

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