Manicure Monday

I seem to be most likely to paint my nails on Sunday nights, so I might as well commit to sharing them on Mondays!

Moon Over Mumbai + Hidden Treasure

OPI Moon Over Mumbai + Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure

Moon Over Mumbai + Hidden Treasure

I am totally loving this manicure, which combines 2 of my favorite things: grey, and sparkle! Moon Over Mumbai is my all-time favorite polish, and the Hidden Treasure was a total score- I had Amy buy it for me on ebay before my vacation so I wouldn’t have to pay absurd shipping to Canada. Most pictures I’ve seen of it online have it over black polish, but I think over the pale grey it looks perfectly opalescent.

Also, please excuse my terrible nails. I very grossly picked my cuticles for my entire trip, and I broke two nails while I was away: my right thumb on a door handle, and my left index finger super gruesomely; it snagged on the seat pocket on my MSP-SEA flight during some turbulence and bent so far back it started bleeding everywhere! NOT my favorite in-flight moment 🙁

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