Memphis Vacation: Lions and Tigers and Beers, Oh My

Thursday, March 31st
On thursday, Taylor and I went to the Memphis Zoo. I kind of have mixed feelings about zoos, even more so. It was awesome to see all these amazing animals close up (or sitting uncooperatively way up in a tree cough*red pandas*cough) but a lot of them, especially the primates, made me feel sad an uncomfortable. I mean:

The Thinker

… you can’t possibly tell me that is a happy gorilla :/ Anyway here are some more animals, some depressing, some not.


Flamingos: not depressing.

Kung-Fu Monkey
Graceful ApeSneaky MonkeyShaggy

Assorted primates: depressing.

Otters Otters Otters!
More Otters
More Otters

Otters: thankfully not depressing.

Stoned Panda

Giant pandas: a little depressing but mostly just squalorous. I don’t know if you know what pandas do, but it’s basically: sit around being grubby and stuff face with bamboo then pass out.

Monkey Plus Poo
Monkey + Mother

More primates: more depressing, although the little baby was sooooo cute (you can kind of see it in the second picture, the mama was holding it).

Goofus the Wolf

Timber wolves: to Dougal-y to be depressing, especially Goofus McNeedsbraces there.

Lazy Bears
Chairman Bear
Polar Bear

Bears: surprisingly undepressing.

Some kind of cat
Look another cat
Weirdo Cat
Longing Tiger
Weirdo Cat
Loud Lion
Loud Lion

Big cats: gorgeous but a little depressing. But still amazing, especially the lion, who came RIGHT OVER TO US. I seriously could have touched her, I swear.

Secret Red Panda
Secret Red Panda


That night we went downtown to meet up with Amy and her friends Stephanie and Mike for dinner/drinks/pool on Beale Street, which is like the bar/music/tourists/wandering the street drinking district. We had dinner at the Blues City Cafe, then moved to Silky O’Sullivan’s for drinks, including this nasty concoction called a Diver, that’s like beer and rum and grenadine all mixed together and served in a bucket. I didn’t try it because I’m a picky brat, haha. Last we went up to the Absinthe Room, which is a kind of secret upstairs pool hall/bar.

Taylor at the Absinthe Room

I was actually a huge drag that night- I was tired & a little hungover from the Sweet Valley Confidential reading the previous night (I forgot to mention we drank our weight in vodka during the reading, which is why we only made it through 9 chapters).

5 Replies to “Memphis Vacation: Lions and Tigers and Beers, Oh My”

  1. It’s a little late, but I wanted to make sure I said thank you for the postcard! It was so lovely to hear from you- thanks for reading and saying hello! Thanks for the micro-bunting! It’s so cute! I love your zoo pics also. xo.

    1. Thanks, I’m glad you liked it 🙂 I can’t take any credit for the zoo pics though- that’s all my husband’s work.

  2. If you think zoos are depressing, the zoo I grew up going to would make you cry! The animals in your pictures have such nicer homes than the Buffalo Zoo. 🙁

    I love the pictures though!

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