Weekend Complaints

Complaint Number One: It’s raining.

Complaint Number Two: Twelve tacos aren’t enough for three kids and two adults, and when you don’t get to have as many tacos as you want because you let the kids eat them all you end up craving them forever.

Complaint Number Three: I am in terrible shape (this is unrelated to tacos). I went to the gym this afternoon and almost barfed after twenty minutes. Awesome. Also, they changed the set up at my gym and I don’t like it anymore.

Complaint Number Four: These strawberries were really mediocre.

Mediocre Strawberries

I wish food wasn’t grown on a quantity over quality basis, like these were huge, but they barely tasted like anything. Except sourness.

Complaint Number Five: I’m having serious woes with some prints I ordered from Apple through iPhoto. Remember this picture of Sym? Well, after her dad and I bought the digital copy I ordered an 8×10 and two 5x7s for us. I’ve ordered prints through iPhoto before and never had a problem, but this time there was a HUGE flaw on ALL the prints that ruined them. Try to spot it:


this is a photograph of the print I received from Apple
Can you see what it is? Yeah, the weird blue-black blobs at the corners of her eyes. WHAT THE HELL IS THAT??? After I saw it I went back and looked at the picture on my computer to see if maybe there was something wrong with it.


this is a screencap of the picture in iPhoto, zoomed to the max
NOPE. No blobs. In fact, barely even any shadows around her eyes, and what shadows there ARE, certainly aren’t NAVY BLUE. So I contacted Apple with my problem, and today I got this back:

Thank you for contacting Apple Photo Services Customer Support. My name is [redacted] and I understand that your prints arrived with blue spots of the girl’s right eye. I see how eager you are to get this corrected, I will do my best to look into this for you today.

I looked at the file you sent us and I see that the spots is in the file itself. If we process your order again, it will turn out the same way. Unfortunately, we are unable to modify files after we receive them. Please adjust your file and resubmit it at your convenience.

Okay first of all, “blue spots of the girl’s right eye”? What? There are blue spots to the right of both of her eyes, not blue spot of her right eye. Next, “I see that the spots is in the file itself”? THE SPOTS IS IN? What does that even mean? And finally, “Please adjust your file and resubmit it.” Now, WHY would I want to do that? There are no spots on the file on my computer, so it must be something to do with the submission system. I even printed it out myself (on regular cardstock, since I don’t have any photo paper WHICH IS WHY I ORDERED PRINTS IN THE FIRST PLACE) to confirm and see:

Inexplicably Non-Ruined Photo

this is a photograph of the print I made
NO SPOTS. Ugh this is so annoying.They’re refunding me the cost of the prints and shipping, but I JUST WANTED MY DANG PICTURE OF MY DANG KID SO I COULD FRAME IT AND PUT IT ON MY DANG WALL. I already bought a frame and everything! Now I’ll have to go buy photo paper ($$) and print them myself, using up all my stupid printer ink in the process ($$$$). I AM DISAPPOINT >:(

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    1. I just emailed them thanking them for issuing the refund and explained that I wouldn’t be resubmitting the picture. It’s just annoying!

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