Spring Changes

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m obsessed with rainbows. HOWEVER, this obsession doesn’t extend to my wardrobe and for the past couple years I’ve only worn grey, black, white and denim (it’s a neutral). But this past weekend I was out shopping and I was really struck by all the bright, amazing colours. I found the things that I’m MOST attracted to aren’t just one bright colour, but are ALL the bright colours. Then this afternoon I was browsing Zara’s website and I saw this tank top:


… and I realized, I am going to LITERALLY die if I don’t get it. As soon as I was finished work Sym and I hustled down to the Zara on Robson St to try to get it. I NEEDED it! After a quick once over of the store, I asked a sales associate if they had it in stock, like I pulled up the webpage on my phone like a total spazz to show her, and first she sneered (um, whatever) and then she said “No.” AND THEN I DIED YOU GUYS I LITERALLY DIED. Okay no, I kept shopping and I picked out a skirt and Sym picked out a swimsuit.

When I went to go pay I asked the cashier if she could check if they had the tank top at their Metrotown store (and the fact that I would even consider taking the train out to the suburbs for a $20 tank top really says a lot), and GUESS WHAT??? They DO have it at the Robson store, they just haven’t unpacked it yet! She said it should be out on the floor by tomorrow, and the bonus is since it’s brand new merchandise it won’t be sold out in my size. I’m definitely going back there tomorrow afternoon, and I’d like to give a big BOO to the first sales associate I asked and a YAY to the second.

PS This is my skirt and Sym’s swimsuit. Talk about a style reversal for both of us!


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  1. Oh my god welcome to the color club! You and I have been probably total color opposites…

    It’s funny, I just saw this really nice grey nail polish today and I thought of you.

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