Practicing What I Preach

Tonight I found myself telling Sym to clean up her desk before bed, while my own desk was a certified disaster area.

Messy Desk

WHOOPS. Time to sort that out, especially since I put up a sign making this area officially my office.

unicorn parade bunting

What, your blog DOESN’T have a rainbow lettered bunting sign with unicorns and stars? WEIRD. Anyway I threw away all the garbage on my desk and it’s like, 90% less messy now, so I can concentrate on other messy things in my life.

Messy Husband

7 Replies to “Practicing What I Preach”

  1. You should offer custom banners on your etsy! This is TOO CUTE! I am also totally guilty of having a messy desk/room/life. I had better go clean up!

    1. lol I am LITERALLY writing up my etsy listing this very second!

      All the non-daycare areas of my house (my desk/bedroom/bathroom) are always a mess because I spend all my time cleaning up after the kids. I think my bedroom is like, knee-deep in dirty laundry right now.

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