Fern & Fawn

Sometimes I like to set myself goals.

glass jar + rocks + dirt + fern + moss + plastic toy =
Asparagus Fern & Fawn in a Jar

I’ve been wanting to do this for about forever but for some reason (my black thumb?) I never got around to it. A few weeks ago I bought a little asparagus fern on a whim and realized it would be perfect for this project. I already had the jar and the toy fawn, the rocks I actually had to buy (I could have picked them out of my backyard but WHO HAS THE TIME I mean really) and the soil I got from my neighbor, who has a huge bag of it outside his door. There are three types of moss, two I harvested from behind my house and the third I liberated from the landscaping of an apartment complex down the hill. So. This was a very cost-effective project! I just hope it doesn’t all die, like my houseplants always do. FINGERS CROSSED!

2 Replies to “Fern & Fawn”

  1. 1) That is so beautiful, I might copycat it, and
    2) What kind of camera do you use? I like how your pictures turn out.

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