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I was feeling pretty grumpy today. I accidentally turned my alarm off so I slept in and was super rushed all morning, plus when I was taking Georgie for her walk I discovered it was a perfect spring day, and all I wanted to do was go for a walk on the beach, not work all day. I had a huge nostalgia fit for the first summer I lived in my neighborhood; Sym was a baby and every morning I’d pop her in her stroller and walk around the Seawall from English Bay to Lumberman’s Arch, then cut through Stanley Park and get home just in time to give her lunch and put her down for her nap. Those were some of the happiest times of my life- I mean, the rest of my life wasn’t very awesome back then, but those times, with baby Sym, were the best. I really miss it…


Once the daycare kids had their lunch and went down for nap, I decided instead of sulking more, I should get myself out of my funk. The best way to do that? DANCING, of course! Last Friday Taylor and I figured out that instead of moving the whole couch out of the room, if we just separated the two halves and pushed them to opposite sides of the living room we’d have enough space to play Dance Central, and that is something I can do by myself.

Configured for Dancing

please note my five-star performance on Push It
I had just enough time to break down and perform four songs, and wouldn’t you know it, now I’m in the best mood ever! I want to try to do this a couple of times a week- not only dos it cheer me up, it’s also super energizing AND it means I feel better about basically never going to the gym.

I had to have a quick shower and change my clothes after playing (it’s sweaty work!) so here’s my other new shirt from last weekend: bright madras plaid! It’s so ridiculous, I love it.

Madras Happiness
Madras Madness

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  1. Do you want to do a Seawall walk on Sunday? It’s my new fave thing to get into doing before I go….think about it!

      1. S’okay buddy! Is there a day I can come and yoink the Sailor Moon from you next week? As a temporarily unemployed hobo I am pretty much always free.

        1. That’s so cute! I had to navigate from the search I posted away real fast because I want ed to buy everything.

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