You Say Weekend, I Say Sick Day

Okay so OF CORSE I got sick on the long weekend. OF COURSE. The worst part is I got sick from Taylor, not the daycare kids. Clearly offices are bigger germ havens than a house full of literally snot-nosed kids.

Luckily after that gorgeous, sunny Friday (which I am SO GLAD I took off, btw) the weather has been pretty crummy so I don’t feel guilty about spending the whole rest of the weekend on the couch watching tv and making friendship bracelets.

Too Many Friendship Bracelets

Yeah. I mean, I did do some other things; Taylor and I tried to go see Bridesmaids but it was sold out, and I walked my dog a bunch of times and we went to Starbucks when a skunk trapped us outside, but mostly we just watched shows, like half the first season of Deadwood and the entire third season of Parks & Rec, which I watched with Sym last night after Taylor went to bed. THE ENTIRE THIRD SEASON IN ONE SITTING. It was pretty glorious.

Anyway now I have to tidy my squalorous apartment; it’s weird how doing nothing makes such a mess.

Also, don’t forget today is the last day to enter to win a glitter garland! You have until 11pm PST to enter.

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    1. lol thanks. I got a horrible hand cramp from making so many but think it was worth it. I still haven’t gotten the chevron pattern down though, that one was my jam in middle school.

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