Long Weekended

So remember when I was sick on Saturday and Sunday? And it was raining and miserable out anyway? Well, Monday it was sunny (well, half sunny) and I was feeling better! Of course, my house was a disaster so I spent the morning cleaning, and came up with this great plan to clean out and rearrange three closets. I may have mentioned before how my cleaning often turns into mess-making and then shopping, but luckily this time I chose to go shopping first.

Ostensibly I was looking for shoe shelves, but instead I bought some ramekins and a new doormat. I used to have a cool one with a raven on it but my neighbor’s dog pooped on it, and then my dog stepped in the poop and smooshed it in, and it’s not like I can just throw a doormat in the wash. Anyway.

Grape & Pomegranate Welcome

Isn’t it so pretty?? They had a few different ones but I liked the pomegranates on this one. I think they’re pomegranates. I guess they could be some kind of red figs. Also, it was twelve dollars. TWELVE. I can’t argue with that.

Sym was with me and she used her girl powers to sniff out some Tokidoki Unicornos.


Hers are on the left; mine are on the right.

I bought her some new sunglasses, which she wore with her super-fresh pink/grey/black ensemble.

Tiny Fashion


I bought myself some flowers, $10 for 30. And they match my desk perfectly.

Daffodil Coloured Tulips

They are like the daffodils of tulips. Did you know tulips are my favorite flower? IT’S TRUE. Well, it’s true today.

For dessert we had chocolate ice cream with s’mores sprinkles. Yes, you heard me right. S’MORES SPRINKLES. What will they invent next???

S'mores Ice Cream

I never did get around to cleaning out the closets, but oh well. There’s always next weekend!

The Golden Dog

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