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Symmie's Matryoshkas

Sym painted this family of Russian nesting dolls months ago, but I didn’t get around to spraying them with clear coat until this weekend.

Symmie's Matryoshkas
Symmie's Matryoshkas

I love the different facial expressions she gave them, they’re so cute! I told her to keep the colour scheme simple so she only used white, grey, yellow, green and pink, plus the flesh tone on the faces and a little bit of red detailing. She did the outlines with a fine Sharpie.

Symmie's Matryoshkas

She’s also been continuing her Harry Potter Felt Flatties series.

Hagrid, McGonagall & Voldemort Felt Flatties

Hagrid, looks like Professor Sprout but is actually Professor McGonagall, and my personal favorite, Voldemort. I love the evil look on his face.

I’ve also been hard at work finishing the glitter garland for my giveaway winner! This will be going in the mail (or more likely, get Fedexed because of a looming mail strike) this week.


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  1. Sorry about the mad, sad, AND feeling bad. Perhaps the weather is in mourning because I have gone? Or it could just be a crappy day. I will think sunny thoughts for you nonetheless.

    Also, HOORAY for finally finishing crafty things!

    1. I wasn’t able to send it until just this past week (because of the mail strike) but hopefully you’ll get it soon!

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