Business Meeting

Yesterday I took all the daycare kids, plus Sym and Georgie, for an impromptu picnic on the lawn of a nearby hotel; we were meeting one of the daycare moms there so that she didn’t have to spend 20 minutes in traffic going the two blocks from her work to my house.

The Sun & Sky @ Wall Centre Picnic

I wish I could post pictures of the kids because they were being very very cute, but you’ll have to make due with me and my own cuties.

Sym @ Wall Centre Picnic
Sym @ Wall Centre Picnic

idk when she got so grown up. Also, her sunglasses kill me.

Georgie @ Wall Centre Picnic

Even though I tied her leash to the stroller, Georgie was still happy to be there.

Me @ Wall Centre Picnic

Sym took this picture of me, working at my job. Pretty sweet.

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