A Simple Request

I’m not having a good time right now, mom-wise. In fact, I’m filled with a white-hot burning rage and anger right now. I kind of feel like this:

Last week Sym brought a notice home about an older student, a 7th grade girl being groped on the street outside the school. Outside the ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. That is NOT ACCEPTABLE.

Yesterday evening Sym and her friend were playing on the front steps. And some man, some creep, was OGLING THEM. They are eight and nine years old! THAT IS GROSS AND SICK AND WRONG.

Tonight Sym’s dad and I are going to sit down with her and talk to her about what to do and how to protect herself if creeps perve on her. SHE’S A LITTLE KID AND I HAVE TO TALK TO HER ABOUT THIS? Pardon my language but that is FUCKED UP AND STUPID.

So here’s my request: how about instead of me having to teach my daughter how to not get raped, we start teaching our kids not to rape, not to sexually assault and harass, not to be gross creeps that perve on little kids? And maybe the adults of the world could also take some time to think about not doing those things either. Because that’d be really great.

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  1. I dread the day that I have to teach my kid about this as well. People are so fucked in the head and I just hope that she has the common sense to take care of herself and be smarter than the rest of the people out there who will try to take advantage of her.

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