Weekend Wipeout

Friday night started awesome; I fished work half an hour early and was able to run out and get beer before the hockey game started. Sym and her friend Ali made this great sign for the living room and then went over to Ali’s to play.

Crafting Kids
Go Canucks Go

Of course all the beer I bought inevitably led me into DISASTER and I want to warn you now that if you are faint of heart or easily grossed out STOP SCROLLING or at least scroll very fast until you get to the Saturday part of the post.

During the second intermission I went on a mad scramble to the store for snacks, and as I was hurrying home I injured the CRAP out of my pinky toe. Here’s the thing about my pinky toe: I break it. A lot. I’ve broken it so many times that it basically shatters now if I just look at it funny. But I didn’t break my toe on Friday night; no, I broke my toe last week. What I did to it on Friday night was WORSE.

I was in a big hurry and as I was rounding the corner into the alley I passed by this house whose garden has a lot of rocks in it. Big rocks. Like bigger than bowling balls. Just scattered around the garden and there is one RIGHT on the corner. Now, I mentioned I was hurrying, but did I mention I was wearing flip-flops? And that I was kind of drunk? Well, I was, and as I rounded that corner I just straight up SMASHED that poor broken pinky toe right into the rock.

I managed to hobble home and when I got there I looked at what I’d done and basically I skinned the whole end of my toe. But not skinned it like a skinned knee; skinned it like SKINNED ALIVE. Are you ready?


BARF. Like my feet aren’t gross enough already. And nevermind the horrible skinned part, look at what shape it is! That is not a normal toe shape.

ANYWAY. Taylor and I taped it up with a ton of gauze and I did the only thing I could do in that situation: I DRANK MORE. Which led to this:



Yep, that’s me, desperately clinging to sleep on Saturday morning even though I’m surrounded by pestering pets and a husband who thinks we make the perfect photo opportunity.

Eventually I dragged myself out of bed and with enough coffee, toast, Advil and vitamins I was able to kick my hangover in the butt and go to the farmer’s market. I forgot to take a picture of everything I bought but we ate most of it for lunch. I felt like I needed something really healthful to finish curing me, so I made us what Sym likes to call a “Snacky Lunch” of veggies, pitas and dip.

Snacky Lunch

The homous, cherry tomatoes, radishes and cucumber were from the market; the only unpictured item is some mint Oreo fudge which is basically so yummy I don’t even want to eat it because then it’ll just be gone.


Seriously though, SO GOOD. Bye, hangover!

Sym and I made a plan a few weeks ago that we’d do a craft every Saturday, but then last weekend we came up with a NEW plan that if it was sunny, we’d go to the beach. This Saturday was overcast, so it was a craft day! She has this book of like ~crafts for girls~, and for this weekend she selected a gingerbread house collage. Since I hate to keep things simple I decided it would be better if we made a 3D gingerbread house. Unfortunately we didn’t finish it before her dad picked her up, but we made a good start and we’ll keep working on it this week.

Gingerbread House Decorations

Sym painted lots of little candies, treats and gumdrop people we’re going to cut out and glue onto the house, which I made. I’m really thrilled with how well it turned out, actually.

Little Brown House

I know. I’m amazing. This was actually pretty simple to do, and if anyone is interested in learning how to make one I could throw together a tutorial. Let me know!

Sunday was pretty laid back; Taylor and I worked on our ongoing closet-organizing project, ran a few errands and hung out with our dogs. Hope you all had a good (injury-free!) weekend!

Serious Georgie
Silly Georgie

She really is the best.

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    1. Sort of, it was a Christmas-themed gift box but it was basically shoebox sized. A little sturdier though.

  1. Georgiiiiiiiiie! She really is the cutest dog on the face of the earth. I’m sorry about your toe! I don’t think it’s gross, but I just feel bad because as you know, there’s pretty much nothing you can do with a broken toe. Hope it at least feels better soon.


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