Weekend Parking

My ten-day-weekend didn’t get off to a very auspicious start, in spite of my amazing gold-star Dance Central performance on Friday night.

Gold Stars
just pretend I wasn’t doing it on easy for greater effect

Saturday was cold and rainy and miserable. Taylor and I went to the bank and ended up soaked to the skin. I had to dog my wool duffel coat out to wear to the farmer’s market, it was so freezing!

Real Strawberries
real strawberry-flavoured strawberries
Green & Black Zebras
green & black zebra tomatoes

It cleared up in the afternoon, so once Sym had been picked up I dragged Taylor around the city looking for nail polish and more Unicornos. Unfortunately the Unicornos had all sold out again, but I did buy white and red glitter nail polish for the Canada Day nails I’m doing later this week.

Nicole by OPI in Sensational Scarlet; Essie in Blanc
Nicole by OPI in Sensational Scarlet; Essie in Blanc

We also took Kichou and Georgie to play at Emery Barnes dog park. I spent a lot of time there this weekend.

Georgie Cooling her Belly
Kichou @ Emery Barnes

Sunday was another story: gorgeous and sunny and AWESOME!


I’d extracted a promise from Taylor that we’d go to the beach on any sunny days, but we wanted to bring the dogs so we decided to go to the beach-adjacent park instead.

A Floridian friend once expressed disbelief that it was warm enough in Canada to go to the beach, this picture is for her.

Sunset Beach Park
Georgie @ Sunset Beach Park
Georgie @ Sunset Beach Park
Georgie @ Sunset Beach Park

As usual, I mostly took pictures of my dog.

Taylor @ Sunset Beach Park

Taylor was also there.

Georgie on my Butt @ Sunset Beach Park

As was I. Or my butt, at least!

After the beach Taylor had to go to bed since he had work that night, but I had a whole evening of freedom- Sym was staying over at her dad’s house. I napped, and took Georgie to Emery Barnes again (and unfortunately didn’t take my camera because there were LITRALLY the most adorable dogs there), and finished off the weekend by rewatching season one and part of season two of Parks & Rec. Of course, I didn’t REALLY finish my weekend because I’m off all this week. Yay ten-day-weekend!

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  1. I don’t know if I’m that friend, but I have to point out that your definition of warm is probably my definition of “oh time to put on my parka!” What was it, like 60 F?

      1. 66 is jacket weather, I don’t care how many palm trees there are, THAT IS WINTER. I don’t get into the ocean unless it feels like a bathtub. I want to be more warm in the water than I am out of the water.

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