What I’ve Been Eating

I should really set a day for these posts instead of having a bunch of them all week long. Maybe Friday? idk.

Tofu, Rice & Salad

Wednesday dinner: fried panko tofu, rice and weird, stringy salad. I bought a TRI-PEELER that does Julienne slices so I went to town on some vegetables. Oh and I’m pretty sure this is the first time in my life I’ve ever cooked tofu. AMAZING. It was just okay though- I put paprika and chili powder in the coating but I was worried it would be TOO spicy and Sym wouldn’t eat it. Instead, it wasn’t spicy enough ie it was very bland. Crunchy as hale though.

Ice Cream with Sprinkles

Wednesday’s lunch: ICE CREAM. Chocolate and vanilla with chocolate sauce and sprinkles. Yum.

Fresh Baked Catloaf

Thursday’s lunch: fresh-baked catloaf.

I’ve also had tons and tons of milk. I bought expensive organic milk but I STUPIDLY grabbed a jug that was expiring in just two days. I didn’t want all that money to go to waste so it’s been a desperate race against time to finish it before it goes bad. On the plus side, it’s given me an excuse to stuff my face with chocolate chip cookies!

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  1. have you ever tried Agadashi Tofu? Its deep fried in corn starch and the sauce that goes on it is made of soy sauce +mirin (you can stop there or you can add some “dashi” which is soup base..) Thats what turned me onto loving tofu!!

    And for salads, Go to Konbiniya (just up robson) and buy some Ramen noodles. Cook then (for like 3-5 minutes) and then cook them in cold water. Then add any veggies you like and top with either a yuzu or sesame dressing. I used to eat it in japan when I was losing weight in the summer, and wanted something cool to eat that wasnt a sandwich. You can even put them on a bed of lettuce first and then top with veggies.

    Im a foodie, Its cool reading your “what ive been eating” blogs.

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