What I’ve Been Eating

Taylor's Triple Veggie Slider
Food again!

(pictured above: Taylor’s triple-veggie cheeseburger slider with tomato and pea shoots on a ciabatta bun)

Saturday, August 13th

Brunch, Saturday August 13th

scrambled eggs, toasted ciabatta buns and rosemary potatoes

Sunday, August 14th

Brunch, Sunday, August 14th

wildberry panettone french toast at Glowbal

Wednesday, August 17th

Breakfast, August 17th

chocolate chip waffle & raspberry lemonade

Friday, August 12th

Dinner, Friday August 12th

sweet & sour tofu with rice
I used fresh pineapple for this instead of canned and it was 1,000% more delicious than my last sweet & sour dish (back in January I think). The tofu was breaded with panko crumbs and fried in oil. I used three peppers (red, orange and yellow) as well as two different kinds of sweet & sour sauce and the juice of one orange.

Tuesday, August 16th

Dinner, Tuesday August 16th
Veggie Slider Construction

veggie sliders with purple potato chips
To make the veggie slider patties I cut circles out of some regular Yves patties with a cookie cutter, then hand-formed more patties by smooshing the scraps together so there was no waste. For the chips I thinly sliced purple potatoes, brushed them with olive oil and sprinkled them with smoked salt, then baked at 425°F for 30 minutes, turning after 15.

Friday, August 12th

Snack, Friday August 12th

cherry-blackberry-lime smoothie

Monday, August 15th

Snack, Monday August 15th

fresh pineapple (left over from Friday night)

Tuesday, August 16th

Snack, Tuesday August 16th

blackberry smoothie
I made one of these for Sym but she didn’t finish it, so I put it in the fridge to save for making popsicles. By the next day it had started to gel- I think I may have accidentally made jam O__o Note to self: make jam.

10 Replies to “What I’ve Been Eating”

  1. yummy week! i’ve gotta start doing thing that are more fun w/ my produce bin… as of right now, i’ve got a lot of leafy greens. it’s 3am here, but i just slept for 11 hours, so sauteed kale may be in order soon.

    also, are you familar w/ freezer jam? i think you’d be a fan.

      1. It’s jam that you freeze or refrigerate instead of setting for shelf storage. There’s usually no heat needed, and they generally use less sugar than regular jams. You also don’t have to use the normal canning sterilization methods with freezer jams, so it’s great for warmer weather when you don’t want to bothered with that.

        I’ve made traditional jam, but I want to try to tweak this recipe for peach freezer jam while stone fruit is still in season here: http://www.eatingwell.com/recipes/peach_jam.html

  2. I’m about to raid the blackberry bushes around the apartment complex and it’s going to be jam/smoothie/pie/cobbler CENTRAL at my house. I get an absurd amount of enjoyment out of making jam, especially adding booze. 😀

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