What I’ve Been Eating

OMG I AM THE WORST AT MAKING THESE POSTS. The last one was weeks ago, oops. I’ve just been in a big cooking slump, actually tbh I’ve been in a blogging/living/everything slump but I’m trying to pull myself out.


Saturday, August 22nd

Breakfast, Monday August 22nd

cinnamon toast and an americano


Saturday, August 22nd

Lunch, Saturday August 27th

goat cheese, Monterey Jill cheese, tomatoes & cucumber on rye


Friday, August 19th

Dinner, Friday, August 19th

corn on the cob, purple mashed potatoes and a failed meatless meatloaf

Monday, August 22nd

Dinner, Monday August 22nd

garden salad, garlic toast and fettucine primavera from Cafe Luxy

Wednesday, September 7th

Dinner, Wednesday September 7th

rotini pasta with cherry tomatoes, goat cheese, and parmesan cheese

Snacks & Desserts

Saturday, August 27th

Snack, Saturday August 27th

fresh-cut salsa and blue corn tortilla chips

Tuesday, August 30th

Snack, Tuesday August 30th

chili lime roasted chick peas, based on this recipe from Oh She Glows. I substituted a 2:1 mix of water & lime juice for the vinegar and a mix of chili powder, paprika and cayenne pepper for the salt, and roasted them for only 32 minutes. They were so good I ate all of them. ALL OF THEM O___O

Wednesday, September 7th

Dessert, Wednesday September 7th

brownie sundae with vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, chocolate sprinkles and a chocolate maraschino cherry

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