Sym’s Triple Chocolate Donuts


Instead of having a bunch of birthday parties throughout each month, Symphony’s class has one big party on the last Friday of each month. Apparently the kids who don’t bring in something to share have to clean up afterwards (which doesn’t seem exactly fair; what about kids whose parents work too much or maybe don’t have enough money?) so she asked if I would make some little donuts for her to bring. I made her a deal: I’d make the donuts if she decorated them.

Sym Glazing Triple Chocolate Donuts

She originally asked me to make the cinnamon-sugar donuts but I didn’t have enough time to be fussing around with measuring out lots of ingredients so instead I used boxed brownie mix (which works great for baked donuts, btw). Sym chose chocolate glaze and chocolate sprinkles, and although I’d never made chocolate glaze before it worked out really well- I just sifted together lots of icing sugar, a little cocoa powder and a couple tablespoons of milk and voila!

Triple Chocolate Donuts

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