Ten Years Ago

Purple Babby

… I had purple hair and a brand-new purple baby. Now I have a giant tween who is playing Wii Sports Resort and yelling “I’M NAILING THIS, SUCKAAAAAAAS!”

Her birthday party was yesterday after school and was UH MAY ZING, I’ll do a proper post about it soon but right now the birthday girl demands pancakes.

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13 Replies to “Ten Years Ago”

  1. It’s amazing! Congrats on having such a cool kid. It’s probably because you’re not a regular mom. You’re a cool mom.

    1. My friend Kelly pointed out that in six years she’ll be 16. AND I’LL BE FORTY WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT THE HECK.

  2. Sym was the most beautifullest baby I have ever saw. I mean, not when she was all new and purple and pissed off, but in the days after that.

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