I’m Afraid I Just Blue Myself

Remember back in February when I put a streak of blue, purple, and pink in my hair? I retouched that streak a couple of times, but after nine months the colours had mostly been washed/highlighted out, except for one little streak of blue that had faded to a light turquoise. Which I loved. Loooooooooved.

For the past few weeks I’d been thinking I should re-dye the blue, or maybe add a few more streaks, or maybe get some new dye and do turquoise instead. Or maybe…

Blue Sunday

YEP. What you see here is a mix of three different colours.

Blue Green Dyes
Atlantic Blue, Lagoon Blue and Apple Green (I know ~Punky Colours~ are so cheesy, but they sell them at the drugstore by my house for cheap)

My hair was already (mostly) blonde, and I didn’t want to have to bleach it (too much work & I still want to grow out my grey roots, idk I’m weird), so I decided to just put blue over it. I figured that blonde + blue would turn out turquoise, which it did. For the bottom layers I used a mix of the green with both blues, and for the top layers I used just the blues.

some inspirational images

Basically I love it, but it’s funny- having an unnatural hair colour has caused me to partially regress back into my former goth state. I just wanna wear black clothes and black eyeliner all the time now. I actually tried to find a vintage picture to show you, me circa 2002 with bright blue hair wearing a ludicrous black vinyl outfit, but they have all mysteriously disappeared. PROBABLY FOR THE BEST.

Cat von Claire
instead, please enjoy this fine photograph of Claire being a lady

12 Replies to “I’m Afraid I Just Blue Myself”

  1. You look beautiful!

    When I used to dye my hair red (bright, bright red) I found myself gravitating towards my punk-goth makeup and style. Oh, high shool.. 😉 Somehow those pictures have ‘disappeared’ as well..

  2. It looks great!! I’ve been wanting to dye my hair again forever. I used to hold jobs where they told me I couldn’t. Starting a new job soon… maybe they’ll let me go purple :3

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