It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I know some people get really offended when people start their Christmas decorating right after Halloween/before American Thanksgiving, but guess what? I’m Canadian, and here in Canada we celebrate Thanksgiving in October, like God and Martin Frobisher intended.

Martin Frobisher
God not pictured

My main excuse for starting my Christmas decorating early is the daycare kids. It seems that every year I have a kid or two who is celebrating their first Christmas, or at least their first Christmas while mobile. I always worry that if I put the tree up with all the decorations in one fell swoop the kids will show up and FREAK OUT: “Look at all these things! I MUST GRAB AND SLOBBER ON THEM!!” So I like to ease them in- I put up the tree and leave it bare for a week, then have it with just lights for a week, and then finally put on the decorations. Plus this gives Claire more time to hung out under the tree, which is pretty much her only joy in life.

Christmas Tree Cat

Of course, there is more to Christmas decorations than just the tree, and I got started on some other displays this past weekend.

Stag & Forest

This snowy forest light from Ikea and silver glitter stag from Urban Barn are perfect on top of the piano.

Santa & the Nativity

The best thing about my Playmobil nativity scene is how Sym adds to it every year from her vast collection of Playmobils. Last year only a little white kitten joined the mix, but this year she’s added a second angel, a hand organ that plays Christmas songs and the fourth Wise Man, Santa Claus, as well as his reindeer. The nativity set (with Wise Men included!) I have is no longer available, although you can buy a newer, fancier version, and separate Wise Men.

Merry Christmas

I’ve been meaning to put up some pictures or something on the big blank wall around the tv, but for now it’s the perfect place to put up my latest glitter banner (check out those fancy letters!), as well as the Perler bead snowflakes Sym and I made a few years ago, some vintage chandelier crystals and tiny white ball ornaments from Ikea, all hung from the ceiling on monofilament.


I was trying to make it look like it’s snowing, what do you think? Personally I think I need to get better lightbulbs in that room because all the pictures I take in there look atrocious >:/

The Merry Christmas banner is available for order on my etsy shop.

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