Dream Life, Version Three

Moomintroll by the Pond

I recently reread all my Moomin books and I came to a startling revelation: You know that fantasy were you want to move to the country and live in a cute house and everything is easy-going and you just basically do whatever you feel like? IT COMES FROM THE MOOMINS. For me at least. I read these books so many times as a kid that when I picture that dream life in my head, I picture Moominvalley.

Map of Moominvalley

I mean I know there are adventures with comets, floods, volcanoes, the Groke, and such, but on average, everyday life in Moomin Valley is pretty idyllic. Feel like going fishing, or sailing, or just lying in a hammock all day reading about the uselessness of everything? Go right ahead. Want to paint a mural or paste pictures on the walls? Feel free. You can sleep in your own room in the Moominhouse, or camp out in the garden, or sail away to live in a lighthouse on a tiny island in the middle of the sea, although that last one might not work out as you dreamed it would.

Rainy Picnic

Now I just need to find some way of making this dream a reality! Or just visit the real Moominvalley in Finland.

The Dance

4 Replies to “Dream Life, Version Three”

  1. I loved the Moomin series, too. That’s where I get my inherent desire to go on an adventure somewhere, but only if it involves picnic baskets.

  2. You should go to the small islands in Finland’s south coast, I’m pretty sure Tove found her insiration for Moominland there. 🙂

    1. If I’m ever able to go to Finland I’d want to see as much of the country as possible! Unfortunately at this points it’s about as likely as building my own Moominhouse.

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