The Good Old Hockey Game

Fan Pic with Fin

l-r: me (I should have redyed my hair to match my jersey), Fin, Lori, Jenn
Last night I was lucky enough to attend the Canucks-Predators game with my friend Jenn. Actually every time I’ve gone to a game it’s been lucky, and here’s why:

Tickets are Expensive

Because I’ve always been fortunate to know someone who has access to free tickets, because otherwise, WOW. Unfortunately these particular free tickets were in the alcohol-free section, so we spent every intermission out on the concourse chugging Budweiser (bleagh).

Rogers Arena

Unfortunately our team didn’t win, but it was a great game and like Jenn said, it’s better to go to a good game that you don’t win than a boring game you do. I mean, this happened right in front of us:

SCREAMING WITH LAUGHTER. From the poutine to the hockey to the beer, it was a super fun night so a huge thank you to Jenn for inviting me!

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  1. oh noes a Canucks fan!!! 😡

    My boyfriend and I are avid Dallas Stars fans. His anniversary present to me this year was a Steve Ott Jersey and 2 tickets to the Stars-Sharks game in our favorite section (301-right behind home goalie) We watched the Canucks last year on New Years Eve and man your team kicked out butts. >.<

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